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Installing GraalVM EE 1.0.0-RC14 with SDKMAN!

I love SDKMAN!. It made using multiple different Java distributions in a single operating system much more comfortable. You can install Java across different versions (from 6 to 13.EA) and different vendors (OpenJDK, Oracle, Zulu, Corretto or GraalVM CE to name a few). Switching between those versions is as simple as executing a single sdk use java {version} command and you are ready to use whatever Java you want. However, not all Java versions are available by default, but luckily, SDKMAN! has a simple solution to this problem.

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Groovy Cookbook

Groovy Regular Expressions - The Definitive Guide

I’ve never enjoyed working with regular expressions in Java. It was always very error-prone. You had to remember to escape backslashes, and a very simple match elements check required writing at least 5 lines of code. Booooring. However, Groovy solved most of these issues, and today we are going to take a closer look at features like pattern operator, find operator or exact match operator. We will focus on learning the new syntax, as well as measuring and comparing its performance. Let’s begin!

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Ratpack Cookbook

Ratpack on GraalVM - how to start?

The journey inside the exciting world of GraalVM continues. Today I would like to share with you results of running Ratpack on GraalVM experiment. You are going to learn how to build a native binary of a simple "Hello, World!" Ratpack application. In the end we are going to run some benchmarks to see if running GraalVM executable produces better results than running JAR on a regular Oracle JDK.

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Programming tips

Java 8 type inference in generic methods chain call - what might go wrong?

Yesterday I have found this interesting question on Stack Overflow asked by Opal. He faced some unexpected compilation errors when dealing with Java generics and Vavr library. It turned out the root cause of the issue there was not the library, but Java compiler itself. This was pretty interesting use case and it motivated me to investigate it even further. This blog post reveals untold truth about Java generics type inference. Are you ready? :)

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Micronaut Cookbook

Non-blocking and async Micronaut - quick start (part 1)

If you haven’t heard about Micronaut you have been probably just woken up from deep hibernation. No worries, I’m joking :) Anyway, Micronaut 1.0 GA was released yesterday and it is the right time to play around with it a bit. In this article I would like to show you how easy it is to handle HTTP requests in a non-blocking manner, using just a single computation thread. Interested? Let’s start!

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