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Groovista, Upwork's Top Rated freelancer, Toruń Java User Group founder, open source contributor, Stack Overflow addict, bedroom guitar player. I walk through e.printStackTrace() so you don't have to.

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OAuth 2.0 in a Java command-line app | #micronaut #picocli #oauth2

Implementing OAuth 2.0 authentication flow for web applications is simple. Doing so for a command-line app - not so much. In this video, I will guide you step-by-step through the process of implementing the OAuth2.0 flow in a Java-based CLI app we created in the previous video. I use Stack Overflow REST API to authenticate and then authorize all outgoing HTTP requests. After watching this video, you will understand what kind of challenges building OAuth 2.0 flow in the CLI world has, as well as you will learn how to overcome those obstacles and add OAuth 2.0 to any CLI application or tool you currently develop. Enjoy!

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