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Java 8 type inference in generic methods chain call - what might go wrong?

Yesterday I have found this interesting question on Stack Overflow asked by Opal. He faced some unexpected compilation errors when dealing with Java generics and Vavr library. It turned out the root cause of the issue there was not the library, but Java compiler itself. This was pretty interesting use case and it motivated me to investigate it even further. This blog post reveals untold truth about Java generics type inference. Are you ready? :)

What is the most efficient way to iterate collection in Groovy? Let's play with JMH!

I guess you may heard about Groovy’s Collection.each(Closure cl) method - it was introduced 15 years ago [1] and it was a great alternative for a good old for-loop, for-each or even using an iterator approach. You may also heard, that you should not overuse it, because creating a closure to do such simple operation like collection iteration is an overhead. But what if I tell you that nothing could be further from the truth - Groovy’s each method may be faster than iterator or Java’s for-each. Sounds interesting? Enjoy the reading!

Divide a list to lists of n size in Java 8

Every Java developer works with lists daily. There are many popular list (or collection) operations implemented in the standard Java 8 library, but there is one that is useful and commonly used, yet missing - partitioning. In this blog post, I would like to show you how you can split any list into chunks of fixed size without using any 3rd party library. Let’s start!