Jenkins Pipeline Cookbook

Using SDKMAN! as a docker image for Jenkins Pipeline - a step by step guide

A few days ago, I was struggling with some Docker images I use in my Jenkins CI environment. I run some Jenkins Pipelines, and I like to define build environment as code using custom Docker images. Everything was fine until I had to consider running different Java or Maven versions. I decided to use one of my favorite command-line tools - SDKMAN!, to build a highly configurable build environment.

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Programmer's Bookshelf

Release It! 2nd edition - book review

We are software developers. Our daily duty is to write programs. We spend a lot of time and effort into doing the right things and doing them right. At some point, the production launch day comes and depending on our level of confidence - we are calm and ready for the first wave of unpredictable users, or deadly terrified.

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