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Groovista, Upwork's Top Rated freelancer, ToruΕ„ Java User Group founder, open source contributor, Stack Overflow addict, bedroom guitar player. I walk through e.printStackTrace() so you don't have to.

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Using GraalVM native-image with a Groovy script - from 2.1s to 0.013s startup time πŸš€

GraalVM native-image compiler uses ahead-of-time compilation to produce a highly optimized standalone executable file that can start 10x faster than the same program on a regular JVM. In this video, I will show you how to take a Groovy script and compile it to a native image without much hustle.

5 Common Jenkins Pipeline Mistakes πŸ”₯

In this Jenkins Pipeline tutorial video, I reveal five common Jenkins Pipeline mistakes and I explain how those mistakes can be avoided. If you're new to the Jenkins declarative pipeline and you want to take your knowledge to the next level, this video will show you some best practices and resources for further learning.

Q&A #0: Hello, World! | #QnA

In this video, I would like to announce a new Q&A video series where you can ask any question, share ideas, suggest improvements, or just share your thoughts with the community. If you want your question to be answered in the first Q&A episode, write your comment down below.

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