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IntelliJ IDEA and Git's "gpg failed to sign the data"

Today I’ve decided to improve my Github account settings a bit. I thought that it would be nice to add GPG key to it and sign all commits pushed from my computer. Everything worked great until I tried to commit the first change directly from my IntelliJ IDEA.

Hexo git deployer removes commits history? Let's do something about that!

I have found Hexo a great tool for building a blog and apply many well-known software development principles. One of them is automation. This is why I have decided to integrate this blog with Travis CI to perform a deployment to GitHub pages. It was a great decision, however a few days later I have noticed one significant issue - deploying a new version of the blog from the CI server caused removing all commits from master branch and starting with initial commit over and over again. It took me a while to find working solution to this problem. This blog post explains a simple solution to this problem.