GR8Conf EU 2019 starts precisely in 13 days (on May 27th). Each year Copenhagen becomes a heart of Groovy vibrant community for 3 days. The conference offers both talks and workshops, focused on Groovy related topics such as upcoming Groovy 3 release, building DSLs, using Micronaut in the cloud-native environment, or testing applications with Spock and Geb, to name a few. And that’s not even a quarter of great stuff you can expect from it. This year you can also attend one of my three talks I’m going to deliver.

The invitation

If you wonder if it is worth dedicating your time to attend one of my presentations, here is a short video I recorded yesterday. I explain what the goals of each talk are, what you can expect from them, and what kind of things you can learn during the presentation.

Here is the schedule.

Be aware, that date, time and/or room might change, so please double-check the agenda a day before.

"Practical quickstart to non-blocking I/O with Ratpack"
Monday, May 27th, 10:40-11:30, room AUD-2

"GraalVM and Groovy"
Tuesday, May 28th, 13:15-13:40, room AUD-2

"Running developer’s blog directly from an IDE"
Tuesday, May 28th, 14:05-14:55, room AUD-1

See you in Copenhagen!

Thank you!

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